Photo Gallery

Morningside gates

Richmond Road - Wynnum Road Intersection. (Photo Noel West)

Rail Motor at Cannon Hill

Rail motor at the Cannon Hill Crossing. Dept Supply buildings in background. (Photo Noel West)

Lytton Road

Entering the Mobilgas site

Morningside Inbound

Pre- overpass and carpark (Photo Noel West)

Cannon Hill Sale Yards Siding

This area was a busy place at times.


Coal being delivered from Murrarie to Bulimba B Power Station. (Photo Noel West)

Bulimba B Power Station

Tracks at the power station next to the river Gibson Island (Photo Noel West)


Hauling hoppers.Murarrie.(Photo Noel West)

Wynnum Road Bridge

Near Junction Road the old Wynnum Road bridge. (Photo Noel West)

Morningside Inbound

Next to the Balmoral Bowls Club


New interstate track to the Port of Brisbane. View of Morningside in the back ground. (Photo Noel West).

Bulimba Blacksmiths

Off Oxford ST there used to be a blacksmith shop. FInally disappeared when Shell extended the Servo. (Photo Hardman Family Collection).

Shell Balmoral

1970 Photo of the garage Hawthorne Road. (Photo Hardman Family Collection)

Old Shoe Shop

Ready for demolishing between Cambridge Street and Hawthorne Road (Photo Hardman Family Collection)

Oxford ST

Gibbons' shop demolished to make way for the Garage extensions. Many a Bulimba State School student bought their lollies at this shop. (Photo Hardman Family Collection.).

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