Photo Gallery

Ye Olde Shop

Many a penny was spent here. (Photo, Hardman Family Collection).

Vacant block

After the "Cat" came through.

Shell demolition

The house from Hawthorne Road removed to make way for the new servo. (Photo Hardman Family Collection)

Shell Balmoral

Wonder what the tall things are in the background? (Photo, Hardman Family Collection).

Shell Balmoral

From the uniting church,shows the small block the original Servo was on, (Photo, Hardman Family Collection)

Paper Shop and School of Arts

I remember:- Harry MacKenzie running the shop. Len Ransom, Managing it and then Don Campbell the last owner before the business moved down to near Princess St.. The old school of Arts in the background. (Photo, Hardman Family Collection).

Shell Balmoral

The new main Building.
1971 ( Photo, Hardman Family Collection).

New Tanks

A big garage with big tanks.

The new Servo

Ready for business. (Photo Hardman Family Collection)

Shell Balmoral

Another view of the new Garage. (Photo, Hardman Family Collection.)

Wambool St Flats

Beside the Avro Theatre and over the road from the pub. (Photo. Hardman Family Collection)

The flats

From Bulimba hill looking North West. towards Albion. (Photo, Salter Family Collection)

Cnr Oxford, Riding and Hawthorne Roads

Formerly Harry macKenzie's then taken over by Don Campbell . Later moved down to near the Cnr Oxford and Princess St. ( Photo Campbell Family Collection)

Campbells Paper Shop

Over from the shell redevelopment was Campbell's Paper Shop (Photo Hardman Family Collection)

Love ST

On early maps it was marked as Love's Lane. Love St later became a mixed housing and small business ST. (Photo from The Old Bulimba History Group. Possibly Rheem Aust. Photo)

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