Photo Gallery

From Palall St (previously Mary St) now Ferry Lane

The land between Love St and Ferry Lane circa 1950's. (Photo from Bulimba History Group possibly a Rheem Australia Photo)


From Cnr Love and Oxford St looking South West. before the rebuild.
(Photo Love Family Collection)

Love St Farm

From Love St to Bambil (George St) now Hetherington Ave and Palall St (Mary St ) now Ferry Lane. (Photo Love Family Collection)

Bulimba Police

House on the cnr Lytton Rd and Nuttall St. Police accommodation for the Bulimba Station. (Photo Love Family Collection.)

Bulimba Police

The old Station not long before it was removed to Northern NSW. Photo Love Family Collection)

Old Ampol Garage

Cnr Oxford and Pine St. I don't have a photo of the old Queenslander and Palms that was originally on the site. (Photo Love Family Collection)

Old Newsagent site

Cnr Riding Rd, Hawthorne Rd and Oxford St. Once a a Newsagent, then an Amoco Garage currently the TAB. Rumour has it that there will be something else there soon.

The old School of Arts.

Bulimba School of Arts (Photo BCC Archives BCC-B54-18406)

Bulimba School of Arts

Demolition of School of Arts (Photo BCC Archives)

School of Arts no more.

Bulimba School of Arts disappeared around 1982-3 (Photo Love Family Collection)

Aerial of the School of Arts 1938

Aerial photo showing the the fiveways in 1938( Photo BCC Archives Run23-1 bcc 1938)

Bulimba 5 Ways

An aerial shot ,part of a photo of a photo, (Photo from Bulimba Barracks collection) approx 1964

Bulimba 5 Ways

Photo of a photo .
(Bulimba Barracks Collection approx 1964)

Tall Ships

1988 from Bulimba Ferry to Newstead Wharf. (Photo courtesy Noel West Family Collection).


Boat moored on the Bulimba Reach at Hawthorne. (Photo J Bullock Family Collection)

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