Photo Gallery

From Hawthorne

SS Southport at Parbury's Wharf Captured by the Germansand escaped after engines had been repaired (11-10-1914) {Photo courtesy J Bullock Family Collection).

Bulimba Reach

At the end of Brisbane St return of the winning boat (J Bullock Family Collection).


Hawthorne with New Farm in the Background. ( Photo Courtesy J Bullock Family Collection)

New Farm

Background from photo of Sibyll.( Photo courtesy of J Bullock Family Collection)


Near the Bulimba Fry. (Photo courtesy N & V West Family Collection)

HMAS Moreton

Train tour of the old Bulimba Line along the back of the Wharves at New Farm (Photo courtesy N & V West Family Collection)


Train Tour over the old Bulimba Line along near Dalgety's Wharf.

Estate showing Police Barracks

Estate map near Bulimba State School. Part of the Mayfield Estate Bulimba Lyons St is now Thorpe St.

1942 Aerial

In 1942 just before the wartime changes. (Photo courtesy Q Images)

Bulimba Aerial 1936

Hamilton Reach before Bulimba Camp A was thought of. ( Photo Q Imagery)

Sir James Holt Ferry

The ferry served Brisbane well. It proved the need for the Gateway Bridge. (Photo N &V West family collection)

Vacuum Oil Company

A very important company during World War II. Commercial Road Bulimba Fry. (N & V West Family Collection)

Vacuum Oil Co Bulimba Fry

Another view of Vacuum Oil Bulimba Fry (Photo N& V West Family Collection)

Rail Tour Bulimba Line

Near Commercial Road Teneriffe (Photo N & V West Family Collection).

Sir James Holt

Last Days (N & V West Family Collection)

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