Photo Gallery

On Board Sir James Holt

Last Days of Service (Photo N & V West Family Collection)

Sir James Holt

A view from the Gateway. (Photo N & V West Family Collection)

The "Balmoral"

The Balmoral plied the river at Bulimba 1895- 1925. This Photo was on a Post Card. (Details Unknown)

Oxford St 1947

A couple of years after WW II this was Oxford St . There was no Shell garage at this stage but there was a smaller garage on the corner. (Photo courtesy J Bullock Family Collection)

Oxford St 2015

Oxford St taken from approximately the same position as the original 1947 Photo. (Photo Courtesy Love Family Collection)

Memorial park tree planting 1919

Wesley Tyler and his mother planting a tree in the Bulimba Memorial Park.
This tree , a palm , is now missing. (Photo Courtesy J Bullock Family Collection.)

Green Island

Did you know that Green Island off Manly was once a "resort"..
Some of the locals who used to go down from Bulimba. (Photo courtesy J Bullock family collection)


The days when most locals had a swim in the river.

1939 LoyalOrange Lodge Christmas Tree.

The School of Arts was used by many local groups. It was the centre of community functions. (Telegraph Photograph.)

Fete Bulimba School of Arts

Mrs A E Moore Wheelbarrow fete held at Bulimba School of Arts. Mrs Moore was the wife of the former Premier of Qld who owned Bulimba House. (Photo from Telegraph Newspaper)

School of Arts

The re opening of the Bulimba School of Arts. The Building was extended with the two story section being added. The Cadet band played and the Bulimba State School Choir sang. ( Photo Brisbane Telegraph J.P. Miller.)

Golden Jubilee

Bulimba School of Arts Golden Jubilee 1937. (Brisbane Telegraph )

Coutts St Bulimba.

The end of the Us Navy Sheds and the PMG -Telecom buildings.
(photo J Bullock Family Collection)

Malcolm St 1890

Not sure where the photo originated but found it on Facebook. This was the 1890 flood before the river was straightened .

Bulimba Ferry

1957 The Bulimba Fry used to maneuver around the moored ships at Mercantile Wharf. One of the things kids used to love seeing in the river, no television. (Photo found on Facebook newspaper unidentified at this stage.)

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