Photo Gallery

Water Tower1949

The water tower still showing some Camouflage paint served the suburb well. (Photo coutresy BCC #350-BCC- bB54)

Balmoral Bowls Club

Up behind the Cemetery date unknown (From the Joyce White collection State Library Qld.)

Princess St Bulimba near Lang St

This is a tough one. The caption between the horses tells us this is Princess St near the intersection of Lang and Johnston Streets.

Johnston & Lang St Bulimba

Trying to map out the houses in the previous photo.
(Photo supplied by the Johnson Family)

Bulimba State School

Sometime between 1915 and 1938. The old Wooden original School and the Prep School. (Photo from the Colk Family collection)

Vic Lucas Park

Some people used to ride horses to school. They also had land nearby to house the horses. (Photo courtesy Bell Family Collection)

Post Card

Another boating favourite,Our part of town played a big role with Queensland sport. Newspapers followed sailing on a weekly basis and usually had a bigger reach than things like test cricket. (Photo courtesy J Bullock Family collection).

Bulimba Camp A

The beginning of Camp A where the US Barges were to be constructed by the Chinese workers.1943 (Photo E Colk collection SLQ)

Bulimba Camp A

Another photo from the E. Colk Collection SLQ. The barracks before the building of the Barges.

Bulimba Camp A

The new building in progress and the posts where the Barges were built. (E Colk Collection SLQ)

Bulimba Camp A

Part of the Camp showing the accommodation for the Chinese workers.
(Photo E Colk Collection SLQ)

Bulimba Camp A

The area showing the tea tree swamp and the old road base quarry at the end of Henderson St off Apollo Rd. (Photo E Colk Collection SLQ)

Hamilton Reach

A regatta on Hamilton Reach downstream of the Bulimba Camp A area.
(Photo SLQ)

Bulimba Camp A

Another Photo of the Camp prior to the construction of the barges. (Photo E Colk collection SLQ)

Bulimba Camp A

A Liberty Ship at Hamilton and another view of the Camp prior to the Building of the Barges. (Phot E Colk collection SLQ)

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