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Apollo Candle Works

Somewhere around 1880-90's the candle works was one of Queensland's major industries. It stayed in production until a fire in 1909 put an end to production there. (Photo SLQ)

Bulimba Camp A

Barge construction with a hospital ship at Hamilton Cold Stores Wharf. (Photo from E Colk Collection.)

Kmart and Drive in Cannon Hill

The early days of Kmart Cannon Hill 1973. (Photo Courier Mail).

T C Beirnes

During 1954 most of Brisbane was preparing for H M Queen Elizabeth II first Royal Visit. (Photo Love Family Collection.)

There were many courts around Bulimba

I have counted around 35 courts in a 1938 aerial photo. The district was a strong supporter of Tennis, Cricket and Sailing during the summer months.
(Book from N & V West Family Collection)

Petrol Tank roll over and fire.

In the dark of the night we had a huge fire and explosion. A petrol tanker rolled on the corner of Lytton Rd and Apollo Road. Fuel washed down the drains and after the event several manhole covers were blown off down near Taylor Street. ( 1. Photo Love Family collection)

Petrol Tanker Fire.

No 2 Photo After the fire the next morning. (Photo Love Family Collection)

Petrol Tanker Fire.

3. A different View. Photo was taken from the Spann Family's home Cnr Thorpe and Lytton Rds. ( Photo Love Family Collection.

Petrol Tanker Fire.

The clean up was a tough job. Hardly anything survived the intense heat from the fire. (Photo Love Family collection.

After the storm

Bulimba Camp A around 1974 when a tornado lifted the roof of shed 6.
(Photo courtesy Gorski Family Collection by P R Victoria Barracks)


104 fld Workshop Bulimba (Photo courtesy Gorski Family Collection by P R Victoria Barracks)


Around 1972 (Photo courtesy Gorski Family Collection by P R Victoria Barracks)

Cnr Brisbane and Princess Streets

Many people would remember the mandarine tree and the chooks, ducks and Guinea Fowls.

Ernest Blake

From a group of WW I photos. (Courtesy Johnson Family Collection) Ernest Blake was a member of the A E 1 Submarine. This is a post card from Fitzroy Island to a local Bulimba Girl.

Bulimba Barracks 2016

The crown of the Jacaranda near Henderson Street.

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