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Back of Sailors Post card

Ernest Blake was on the A E 1 Submarine. Lest we Forget.
AE 1 was one of our first W W 1 casualties 1914

Lance Watts

One of the many veterans from Bulimba who enlisted in the Great War.
(Courtesy Johnson Family Collection)

Lance Watts

Lance became a distinguished boat builder and sailor. (Courtesy D Burchill keeper of the Bert Walker Scrap Book).

Melrose Johnston

Melrose Johnston a descendant of James Johnston one of Bulimba's original settlers. Some streets are named after their Family ie Melrose St and Johnston Street. (Photo Courtesy Johnson Family Collection)

115 Brisbane St

115 Brisbane St early 1950's (Love Family Collection)

At the roundabout

Heron's house prior to the Ray White offices being built. (Love family Collection)

Brisbane and Princess St

Sweeney Family homes .This was once a Dairy and the Balmoral Shire Council maintained a horse trough on the corner. (Love family Collection)

18 Footers

Early days at the 18's (Photo from G Negus collection QMM).

18 Footers Mc Connel St Bulimba

Another view of a special day at the 18's (Photo G Negus Collection QMM)


Marconi's Astra was once the Bulimba Ferry Hotel.(Advert from Courier Mail.)

Hamilton Reach

Taken from Cremorne Hamilton Hill. (A Photo from the SLQ John Oxley Collection)

Hamilton Jetties

The boat sheds on the riverbank behind the Dredger Wharf beside the Apollo Terminal Hamilton. ( Courier Mail Q 150 project photo)

Henderson Street

Silcock's house. There used to be a tennis court on the vacant block

Bulimba Hawthorne

A stitched version of 2 SLQ photographs one of Hawthorne and one of Bulimba circa 1924. (Part A will be from Hawthorne Part B from Bulimba in the John Oxley Collection)

Cairncross dock wharf

A French Frigate, A Russian Cruise Ship and the HMS Ark Royal over the river. All here for the 1988 Bicentenary.

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