Photo Gallery

World War II

We had a lot of input into the war , One such thing was the Women's Army. Emergency Practice at Bulimba. (Courier Mail Q 150 Project Photo)

A Bulimba Workshop

This has been up before. If you can remember the B P Garage when Iain Lean was the owner you may recognize the photo. It was next to Geo Edwards Shop and House. (Courier Mail Q 150 Project Photo)

From Craigies Road Guide

A little bit of Motoring History. Study the map carefully. It will give a hint of the age. (From the Solway Family Collection)

Sailing Hamilton Reach

1932 Sailing Season:- notice Bulimba State School, Apollo-Kitchen Soap Factory with only one building and a a house (Candle Works),and the Apollo Ferry. (Photo found on Facebook Old Brisbane)

M R Hornibrooks

Built during WW II and used by the British Navy. Became the base for many big projects throughout Brisbane.( Photo from K Boulton)

Hornibrooks 1974

A pretty wet time early 1974,a river in flood. It stayed up for around four days

M R Hornibrooks

Dry Dock under construction. Kos 1 or Kos 2 at the wharf

39 Princess St

Another lovely home missing in action. Part of the res 2 initiative that allowed flats to be put into the area. (BDHSi records from Carter Amos Family collection)family)

39 Princess St

The front yard around 1930. (Photo from the Carter Amos Collection.)

39 Princess Street

The replacement (Love Family Collection)

Brisbane Street

The day they started ruining our street and suburb. It started out taking power from the Bulimba Station to Gregory Terrace. I now bring power back in the other direction.

Brown Family Newstead Tce

The background is Bulimba Quay Street. (Photo Courtesy SLQ John Oxley Collection Newstead)

Bulimba Memorial Park from Princess Street

Showing the fenced playground, Shelter Shed,Stuart Street and the swampy ground,taken from Princess Street. (Photo from Clegg family collection)

Plaque from Bulimba Memorial Park.

this 1923 photo is the only close up we have a plaque from Bulimba Memorial Park. It is a crop of the George Mearns and Dolly photo from SLQ

Approx 1926 Looking towards Oxford St

A close look shows some white posts in front of the trees along Oxford ST. (Photo courtesy of the Coffey Family Collection)

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