Photo Gallery

Memorial Park Cnr Oxford and Godwin Streets

1926 Showing the trees slowly growing. The footpath palms are well established. ( Photo courtesy Coffey Family Collection.).


Bulimba Ferry 1886-1895 Photo from the Baldwin Family Collection


Around 1925 this was the grandstand (Photo courtesy Coffey family collection).

Oxford St 1998

Compliments the old memorial park photo 73 years later cnr Oxford and Godwin Streets.(Photo from J Bullock Collection)

Oxford Street March 2016

The third photo of the Oxford Street Godwin Street Corner (Photo courtesy Love Family Collection).

Bulimba Memorial Park

Part of a Photo showing the Palms near the Grandstand. ( Photo courtesy Todkill Family Collection)

Stuart Street

1974 what a wet beginning (Photo courtesy Solway Family Collection)

Stuart Street

Looking north 1974. (Photo courtesy Solway Family collection.)

Park in flood 1974

From Godwin Street, The river stayed up for four days.(Photo courtesy of Bullock Family Collection)

Bulimba Memorial Park

Looking towards Oxford Street from Godwin Street. 1974 flood. (Photo courtesy Bullock Family collection)

1974 Flood Memorial Park

1974 was a pretty wet year for the park. (Photo courtesy H. Graveson Family Collection.)

the park 1914

Soccer being played by the Bulimba Rangers Soccer Club (Black and White Stripes) . You will notice how much the park has been filled over the years by comparing the height Stuart Street is above the level of the field. Flooding in earlier days would have been substantial in the park.(SLQ Photo)

Bulimba Memorial Park

Another soccer photo. from 1914. The interest for our research is the background. (Photo from SLQ)

Bulimba Memorial Park

Another photo of the Bulimba Rangers. This is before the trees were planted, you will notice the fence and the lovely houses in the background. (Photo found on Facebook Lost Brisbane).)

Bulimba Memorial Park

Another photo of the Bulimba Rangers. Background is very important for the housing in Stuart Street. Down further over the creek Stuart Street was called Woodlands Street.(Photo SLQ)

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