Photo Gallery

1991 Aerial

Still changing

1994 Aerial

second last aerial of the island (Q Imagery)

1997 Aerial

The final of the Q Imagery photos of Bulimba.

2014 Historic skiffs

Avro a replica of a 10 skiff from earlier days.

Boat Yards

Along the Hamilton reach five doors upstream from the Apollo Ferry . The original Watts and Wright sheds. One of the Cruisers Mirabel alongside the jetty. (photo BCC archives)

Hamilton Reach.

One of the early boat yards. J H Whereat, Mc Connell St Bulimba (Photo "Old Brisbane" Facebook Fran Wynne)

Bulimba Boat Yards

C E Crowley Boat Builders, Mc Connel St Bulimba. The house next door was to become the 18 Footer's Club. (Photographer unknown.)

Bulimba Boat Yards

The original N R Wright shed was built over at Newstead. The building was brought over to Bulimba and rebuilt in 1937. (Photo from the Book Boxers Legacy)

Bulimba Boat Yards

Norman Wrights follow the link to the web page. (Photo from Web Page)

Bulimba Boat Yards

From Left: Jim Clark's shed, A. Horne engineering, Apollo Slipway, Slipway, Apollo Boat Yards (Formerly Watts and Wright), Harold Watts Boat Builder K B Welding Works (Keith Bentley) (Photo Rob N Suzanne Toreaux)

Coutts St Bulimba.

Part of the original land owned by D Mc Connel. (Bullock Family Collection)

Coutts St Bulimba.

Another view of Coutts St. (Bullock Family collection)

Coutts St Bulimba.

Another photo from the telecom site. (Bullock family collection).

Coutts St Bulimba.

Another view of the demolition. (Bullock Family Collection)

bulimba Baths

Part of a New Farm Photograph found on Facebook. The long building on the riverbank appears to be the Bulimba Baths and along the river towards Hardcastle park would be the house Mimosa. (Photo SLQ)

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