Photo Gallery

Coutts St Bulimba.

Another view of the demolition. (Bullock Family Collection)

bulimba Baths

Part of a New Farm Photograph found on Facebook. The long building on the riverbank appears to be the Bulimba Baths and along the river towards Hardcastle park would be the house Mimosa. (Photo SLQ)

Leura tce

Taken after the the pool disappeared.

Bulimba Point

During the 1980's a different view of the Point. (part of a photo from R & S Toreaux)

Bulimba State School

A different view of the old Prep Building. (Love Family Collection)

Banya St.

1957 Banya St formerly called James Street. (Photo from BCC Archives BCC-B54-8348 Banya St 1957)

1930 Bulimba

Amy Johnson flying over Bulimba. We can use this photo to help date some of the older houses. (Queenslander paper 1930. SLQ has an original photo)

Bulimba Boat Yards

Watts and Wright about 5 doors upstream from the Apollo Ferry. A new Skiff being launched (Possibly Marjorie) [H Graveson Family Photo].


Gun emplacement somewhere in Brisbane (So the caption says) Newstead House. (Courtesy NARA, College Park.).


Y - 10 Tanker moored at South Brisbane. (Courtesy NARA, College Park)


Several Vessels were converted with seabourne radio communications equipment

Bulimba Boat Yards

Roy Bliss Boat Builder, Byron Street Bulimba. (Photo Johnson Family Collection)

Bulimba Boat Yards

Boat Builder J H Whereat Byron Street Bulimba. (Photo Johnson Family Collection)

Bulimba Boat Yards

Another view J H Whereat's Boat Yard (photo Johnson Family Collection)

Bulimba Boat Yards

1929 Many boat yards were over at Newstead on the Bulimba Reach. Norman R Wrights move across to the island in 1937. (Photo from Lost Brisbane on Facebook.

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