Photo Gallery

Bulimba Boat Yards

Another view J H Whereat's Boat Yard (photo Johnson Family Collection)

Bulimba Boat Yards

1929 Many boat yards were over at Newstead on the Bulimba Reach. Norman R Wrights move across to the island in 1937. (Photo from Lost Brisbane on Facebook.

Bulimba Boat Yards

Inland Oil formerly Byron Shipyards and River Connections formerly Millkraft (Photo Love Family Collection).

Bulimba Boat Yards

Most boats require maintenance. Many would have been lost with out help from the Marine Engineers. (Photo K Mann family collection)

Bulimba 1925

Yellowley Family owners of the Paper shop Cnr Oxford and Bulimba Streets. (Photo among some clippings from the A & W Bell Family)

Bulimba Houses

Part of a photo taken when the JB-P Govt destroyed Brisbane Street with overhead power lines. There are 2 house in Henderson Street in this that are not with us anymore. Backgrounds in photos are important in locating such homes. (Love family Photo)

Anzac Day

In 1925 the local service for Balmoral Shire was held at Balmoral Cemetery.. Other local services were held throughout the district at the School of Arts or sometimes at the Avro theatre. (Photo Courtesy of SLQ n202818)

High Voltage

Hornibrooks erecting power poles in Brisbane Street. Original photo of the previous Henderson St background shot. (Love Family Collection).

Bulimba Boat Yards

The boat Yards at Hawthorne. Blondell's et al.

Anzac Day

In the 1970's Oxford St

Bulimba Boat Yards

Not exactly a boat yard however the yards with not have existed without the marine engineers being close by. Byron Street and Mc Connel Street had several boat related businesses. (Photo courtesy Baddiley Family collection)

Bulimba Boat Yards

2016 the A Baddiley shed in 2016. A great save for a bit of the waterfront history. (Love family collection)

Banya Street aircraft recycling.

1943 a shed was built in Banya Street (Originally James Street). It was used to recycle crashed aircraft. Materials were melted down to be reused in construction of more aircraft. Many local lads played in the aircraft before they were recycled. (Photo SLQ)

Sailing Hamilton Reach

Before WW II showing the houses that were removed from the river bank to make way for Bulimba Camp A. ( Photo found on a disk from QMM. G Negus Photo)

Preparing to race.

Many racing Skiffs used to launch from the front yard of the riverside homes. There are still a few sheds left on the waterfront even today. (Photo from QMM Disk, G Negus collection)

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