Photo Gallery

Bulimba Boat Yards

Norman R Wright's Quay St. The shed was removed from Newstead and rebuilt in Quay Street 1937. Another photo from the QMM Disk by G Negus)

Bulimba Boat Yards

Another of the Boat Sheds on the river that housed sailing boats. (Wright Family Photo)

Bulimba Boat Yards

Joy vi on the ramp at N R Wright's Quay St Bulimba. The dinghy shed was an important part of sailing early on as there were no established club houses.(Wright Family Collection)

A local Factory.

Does anyone know what this building was used for in a previous life? (Love family Collection)

Bulimba Ferry Terminal.

Building here certainly changed the ferry precinct. (Bullock Family Collection).

Bulimba Businesses

M R Hornibrooks At the end of Carr Street. the buildings were built during WW II. (Foxcroft Family Collection)

Bulimba Shops

Gibbons shop next to the old shell garage. (Hardman Family Collection)

Bulimba Shops

Collin's shop near Nuttall Street in Lytton Road in the process of being demolished. The church was forced by the local council to demolish the shop when the new manse was built..(Carey Baptist Church History)

Bulimba Rangers

One of the local soccer teams over the years. Houses in the background have all been removed only a "replica" of Wiltshire cottage and part of the old Bake house remains. Woolworths now sits over the rest of the sites. The names on the photo are from 1924. (Coffee Family Collection)


Koala Court consisted of 6 courts between Cambridge and Jamieson St. (Research from Bulimba District Historical Society)

USS Blackfin 1959

The U S Navy were regular visitors to Brisbane. It was possible in those days to go on a tour to see what they were really like to live on. ( Photo found on Facebook)

Bulimba Barracks

Backgrounds become an asset when researching our history. Photos from the river are one of the best sources.(Background photo from 1959 USS Blackfin Facebook)

Navy in Brisbane

HMAS Australia in Brisbane with the Tug Carlock 1950. (Courier Mail Q 150 project)

1907.Bulimba Point

A hand painted Post Card. Quay St shows the trees at the Illidge Family home Brisbane and Quay St. Bulimba House. It is possible the chimney at the Tin Refinery is visible down near the Ferry Terminal. (Photo SLQ 17982)

1951 Flying boats at Colmslie.

A Sandringham Flying boat in distress on the Brisbane River. (Another Q 150 Project Photo from the Courier Mail)

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