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1937 Centaurus

1937 the Centaurus flew into Brisbane on a rade mission to sell the aircraft in Australia. Check out the story and photos on the link below. (Photo courtesy SLQ)

Bulimba Street names

Many street names have been changed over the years. Sometimes there have been at least 3 streets with the same name. Check out your own Steet. You will also notice the hills have been named on this map. (Photo BCC Archive.)


Irvine's Boot Warehouse was one of two shoe shops located down the ferry end of Oxford St, south side of road, during 1874. The shop had a new owner Wm Rappel in 1902. (Photo Carothers Family book "For Maggie Only"J Carothers".) Irvine's moved to Wynnum where they opened the Commonwealth Store.

Candle Works

1908. The Apollo Candle Works was in full swing. 1909 they were experimenting with cotton crops. Unfortunately one of the biggest fires in Brisbane also occurred in 1909 when the candle works was badly damaged.
(Photo from a member original believed to be SLQ photo.)


J Kitchen Soap- Candle Works Cricket Team (Mann family collection)

Year unknown

Some of the workers at the the Candle - Soap Works Bulimba. If you can name any of the others please contact us. (Mann Family Collection)


Presbyterian Church Choir. There were 5 major churches on Bulimba. (Walker Family Collection)

May 1944

Australian plane crash at Hamilton. (Courtesy NARA, College Park).

September 1943

Newstead House accommodation for the US 832nd Signal Service Coy in Newstead Park. (Courtesy NARA, College Park.).


Another product at Bulimba camp A. Setting up seabourne radio communications vessels. (Courtesy NAR, College Park)

1989 Presbyterian Church Bulimba Street

Closing of the Presbyterian Church.


Another view of the church and the beginning of the Uniting Church.

Presbyterian Church Bulimba Street

One of the Fellowship meetings.

Presbyterian Church Bulimba Street

The woodwork inside the church was completed by Bobby Day.
I was always fascinated with his workshop. A single motor with belts driving all of the different machines.

Bulimba Housing

This house was once in a prominent place. Who can remember it?

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