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An indigenous family who lived on Bulimba. A closer look you will see the billabong and the river further behind. (Baldwin Family collection)

Bulimba Shops

From what was once Bulimba area now Morningside. (BCC Photo)

Bulimba Shops

The little pink shop in Apollo Road. Recently renovations took place during which the old facade was exposed. (Lynch Family Collection)

Bulimba Shops

Buckley's Cnr Brisbane and Princess St. Did you know there was a council water trough opposite the shop in Brisbane St ("13 Pound of Lawful British Money in Hand Well and Truly Paid" by Geoffrey Hood.).

Apollo Candle Works

Part of a photo found on Facebook.

Bulimba Shops

7 Apollo rd the pink shop 2017-06-17

Brisbane Street

I believe these to photos were taken from Omega Cottage Brisbane Street. (SLQ Photos stitched by BDHSi)

Bulimba Barracks

Part of the proposed Bulimba Camp A site.This shows where part of Bulimba Hill was used to fill the T Tree swamp. (Australia@War) (edited by BDHSi)

Bulimba Camp A

1943 A closer look of Apollo Road near Henderson St (N Archive photo Australia @War)

1942 or 43

A photo taken from Oxford Street through the lane. (Photo had Rheem stamped on the back.

Bulimba at war

Did anyone pick up these behind the farmhouse?

Bulimba at war

The smoke appears to be from a submarine in the middle of the river. Some of the people who lived nearby told me they could be noisy all night long.

Bulimba at war

Same photo but showing the Hawthorne Ferry jetty a New Farm, No HMAS Moreton building, Welsby's house and the CSR Refinery.

Bulimba at war

Another view of the Rheem - Hornibrook Site.

Bulimba at war

Another zoom on a previous photo. It appears that a hole was dug for a gun to be hidden. The guns along this section of the river were to protect the U S Submarines at New Farm.

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