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Cannon Hill

A wonderful shot of Creek Rd - Wynnum Rd. before the widening was finished. Nb Creek Road rail Crossing. (Shared by Sharon S Fb)

Bulimba Housing.

(Photo from Peter Dunn research NARA. Washington)

Bulimba Housing.

From Yesterday. The houses that were removed to make way for Bulimba Barracks. (NARA Photos from Australia@War- Peter Dunn's Collection)

Bulimba Aerial 1936

Bulimba Amos Estate Houses prior to Bulimba Camp A. (Q Imagery photo close up)

Bulimba Estates

The Amos Estate (1890) shows some of the house blocks along the river. (photo from SLQ s John Oxley Collection)

Bulimba Estates

Kingsport Estate downstream from Amos Estate another part of Bulimba Camp A. Notice the ferry operating dated 1886.

Bulimba Estates.

New Dock Estate River St (Aberdeen) Bulimba Camp A 1918 (Photo Courtesy SLQ C &H 2092)

Bulimba Estates

The Bulimba Hill Estate came in 2 parts The hood, Thompson St area being part of the newest entrance to the old Bulimba Camp A.(Photo Courtesy SLQ)

Bulimba Camp A

The groundwork for the first of the Warehouses for US Army transport Services at Apollo Candle Co, May 1943 (Photo courtesy, NARA Peter Dunn Australia @ War Collection.)

Bulimba Camp A

A closer view from the previous photo looking South East (Part of Australia @ War photo P Dunn)

Builimba Housing

Another part of the Camp A photo showing the houses on Wordsworth and Apollo Road (From NARA Photo Australia@War P Dunn)

Bulimba at War

Barges being produced at Bulimba Army Camp A, (Photo Courtesy Peter Dunn)

Bulimba at war

Workers inside one of the refrigeration barges. NARA August 1944. Bulimba Ship Yards (Photo courtesy Peter Dunn

Bulimba Families

Andrew Thynne - pronounced Thin. (Brisbane Courier {20972945 NLA} 30 October 1925.)

Bulimba at war

A view of how big the refrigeration unit was in the Barges (NARA Photo courtesy Australai@War Peter Dunn.)

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