Photo Gallery

Bulimba Families

Andrew Thynne - pronounced Thin. (Brisbane Courier {20972945 NLA} 30 October 1925.)

Bulimba at war

A view of how big the refrigeration unit was in the Barges (NARA Photo courtesy Australai@War Peter Dunn.)

Bulimba Point

An early view of the point (Part of an SLQ Photo)

Builimba Point

During the first 1893 flood the hopper working with the dredge "Bonito" was washed up onto Bulimba Point.

Bulimba Point

1898 An edited SLQ photo showing Bulimba Point and the Gasworks over the river.

Bulimba Point

1910 Changes to Bulimba and Newstead are evident since the 5 Acres had been removed (Photo courtesy SLQ. Edited)

Bulimba Point

1922 Bulimba Point, Bulimba House on the left of the photo. (photo courtesy R Blunt Family collection)

buimba point

1925 from Newstead. Shipping with more houses appearing along the Hamilton Reach. Bretts Wharf can be seen on the northern bank. (Photo courtesy SLQ)

Bulimba Point

1935. A popular photo the period before World War II. With the number of sailing boats in the photo it was possibly taken on a weekend. (Photo Courtesy SLQ)

Bulimba Point

The Royal Visit 1963 ( A photo from Facebook Old Brisbane Greg Manson)

Bulimba Point

Another photo of before 1973 as the Brisbane Yacht Club is still only one storey (Photo from Facebook Old Brisbane Greg Manson)

Bulimba Point

1970 PMG - telecom was a big employer in the area. A slightly different view of the area. (Photo Courtesy SLQ) slightly out of focus.


The Royal Yacht did many a trip up the river to Newstead. 1970 (QSA Photo supplied by G C).

The paddock

LT Col Foxton owned the land in the early 1900's. It became known as Foxton s paddock.

Royal Visits

Do you miss the occasional visit from the Royal Family. (Photo from the Q150 Project collection Courier Mail.)

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