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Meals on Wheels

One of my neighbour's has been told it is about time she got some food from Meals on Wheels. By the looks of the badges she has deserves some help. (Photo N Love)

St John the Baptist Church

A photo from the Bulimba Library Collection. Date unknown


10 years on after WW II (Q Imagery)


After the war Bulimba was different (BCC PD Online)

1942 Bulimba Point

Pre wartime buildings (Q Imagery)

1942 Aerial

Before the army navy buildings (Q Imagery)

1942 Bulimba Reach

All of the available land before the wartime buildings.

1942 Aerial

Bulimba Before the WW II buildings. (Photo courtesy Q Imagery).

1942 Aerial

Bulimba Just before the wartime changes. (photo courtesy Q Images)

Demolition Complete

All gone no removal just demolished.

Gateway Bridge for the Royal Visit

19-3-2011 The Royal visit . Brisbane Floods:
My last visit to Australia,2011, was at a sad and testing time for the nation. A cyclone followed by flooding had devastated lives and property in Queensland.

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1971 Aerial

Wonder what we can find today?

Oxford St 1946

Taken from the Hawthorne road and Riding road intersection.
Notice the palm trees down near Pine St. Uhlmann's house.


Some more changes.


Wonder what was new this time?

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