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Ships collide, damage to John Jacob Astor a Liberty Ship in the Brisbane River. (Courtesy NARA, College Park)


Another Unit on Bulimba. US Army Transportation Corp. Warehouse full of rope. There is a story of a local that was employed to splice ropes for the US Army. He used o get picked up in an army vehicle. (courtesy NARA, College Park.).

Bulimba Businesses

Around 1924 there was a Butcher and Ice Works down on the corner of Oxford and Duke Streets. (Photo from Brisbane Sailing Squadron Archives)I notice the name was spelt differently then.

Bulimba Businesses

Jim Crouch one of Brisbane's river cruise boat hire firms (Photo courtesy Brisbane Sailing Squadron)

Bulimba Business

Boat Building Mc Connel St Bulimba

Bulimba Businesses

Boat Builders 1924 Advertisement

Bulimba Businesses

One of our members of the same name carries on the tradition.

Bulimba Businesses

1924 R Dath, Newstead. Wonder why this is on the Bulimba Site.

Bulimba Sport

1924 Sailing instructions. 16 Foot Skiffs.

Bulimba Businesses

The original Norman R Wright's was another business that started on the other side of the river. (From 16 ft Sailing program 1924 courtesy Brisbane Sailing Squadron)

Bulimba from Teneriffe.

Part of a previous post. Shows Bulimba in the 1893 flood. Left is Bulimba Point far right Brisbane St. ( A section of a SLQ Photo)

Bulimba Shops

Irvine's Store Oxford St Bulimba. (Photo Courtesy Carothers Family)

Royal Visits

The Britannia as seen from Bobby Dath's boat yard Mc Connel St. (Photo courtesy Johnson Family).

Presbyterian Church Bulimba Street

The removal from Bulimba Street. (Photo courtesy Baldwin Family Collection)

1924 16 ft Skiff Champion ships

Program 1924-5 Season

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