Photo Gallery

Sixteen Foot Skiffs

Programme (Brisbane Sailing Squadron collection)

Presbyterian Church Bulimba Street

The old Church Hall, later became a Bretheren Meeting place and a child care centre. It disappeared from Bulimba in 2014. Does anyone know where it went? (Love Family Collection)

1924 Titles

Some of the great names in Brisbane skiff sailing 1924.


Queensland Yacht Club race off Newstead. (Photo from Facebook.)

1943 Hamilton Wharf

The condition of shipping boxes on arrival in Brisbane. (Courtesy NARA, College Park)


The Brown Family at Newstead with Bulimba In the Background. (SLQ Photo)

Bulimba Ferry.

A story from 1923. The ferry was the cable ferry "Balmoral".


Still part of the Balmoral Shire Council.(Photo from Daily Standard)

Brisbane Floods

Flood levels in Brisbane from 1841 to 1974 (BCC Archives)

A modern version of Flood Heights

More recent Flood heights from BoM.

Bulimba Floods

A rare photo of the river in flood taken from the farm near the ferry somewhere around 1928-1931. (Photo courtesy Baldwin Family collection)

Newstead Wharf 1954

A photo of Newstead from the Bulimba Ferry. (Love Family Collection).

Bulimba Streets

Bexley Ave. Not so long ago. (Photo courtesy Rathbone family collection).

Bulimba Ferry

I doubt if this would work today as there can be three ferries at the pontoon at any one time. (Courtesy Todkill Family Collection) date unknown.

A Whearat Memorial

For those who wonder where the memorial down at the Brisbane Sailing Squadron came from.

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