Photo Gallery

Whereat Memorial

The memorial was removed from Cameron Rocks and placed at the Brisbane Sailing Squadron, Bulimba (16 ft Skiff Club), 128 Quay Street. (Love Family Photo.)

Bulimba Buildings

The School of Arts was a prominent Building in the area. Sadly it was lost to the community around 1983. Other building now gone include the Police Station, 2 Police houses, Campbell's newsagent plus many of the houses. ( Photo is an enlargement from a RAEME aerial.)

School Days

1890 Bulimba State School Photo certainly a lot of you ladies in this class. (BSS Collection)

Bulimba Street.

All of the wonderful houses , the ships and of course the Blue Funnel ship meant it was going to rain. Wonder what happened to the bell on the church? (Baldwin Family Collection)


The end of the Boat Yards. (Ellis Family collection)


The end of the Boat Yards November 2017. (Ellis Family Collection)


The end of the boat Yards. ( Ellis Family Collection).

Bulimba Streets

Bulimba Street looking North West. Some more wonderful early homes.

Bulimba Streets

Another house from Bulimba Street. After WW II many houses had verandahs closed in to make an extra bedroom. (Baldwin Family Collection).

Bulimba Streets

Another from Bulimba Street. NRWright's in the background. (Baldwin Family Collection)

Bulimba Streets

3 of the previous photos stitched together for a panorama effect. From HMAS Moreton upstream to the Gasworks downstream. (Baldwin Family Collection)

Bulimba Streets

One evening around 1965 looking over to Teneriffe. (Baldwin Family Collection)

Bulimba Streets

Another evening photo (from the Baldwin Family collection)

Byron Street & Apollo Road

The changing view of the river. 1950's From Wordsworth Street. (Charlton family collection)

Byron St Shipyards

Bulolo at Hamilton around the 1950's. (Roberts Family Collection)

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