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F boat in Brisbane usually used in harbour duties. (Photo coutesy NARA, College Park).

September 1942

A gun concealed by a camouflage net. (Courtesy NARA, College Park)

Bulimba Streets

3 of the previous photos stitched together for a panorama effect. From HMAS Moreton upstream to the Gasworks downstream. (Baldwin Family Collection)

Bulimba Streets

One evening around 1965 looking over to Teneriffe. (Baldwin Family Collection)

Bulimba Streets

Another evening photo (from the Baldwin Family collection)

Byron Street & Apollo Road

The changing view of the river. 1950's From Wordsworth Street. (Charlton family collection)

Byron St Shipyards

Bulolo at Hamilton around the 1950's. (Roberts Family Collection)

Hamilton Raach

Another photo of the Byron Street Boat yards from Wordsworth Street. (Roberts Family Collection.).

Hamilton Reach

Another view of Bretts Wharf and Byron Street boat yards. (Roberts Family Collection.).

Bulimba Boat Yards

Byron St precinct 2-11-2017. (Ellis Family Photo)

Bulimba Boat Yards

A little more of Hamilton Reach showing the construction at Kingsford Smith Drive (Ellis Family Photo)

Bulimba Boat Yards

A little further down the track.(Ellis Family Collection)

Bulimba Boat Yards

Almost there. (Ellis Family Collection)

Bulimba Boat Yards

What used to be Watts and Wright's, Apollo Slipways and N R Wright's now a piece of History (Ellis Family Collection)

Bulimba Boat Yards

A view from the ferry terminal. (Love Family Collection)

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