Photo Gallery

Bulimba Boat Yards

What's left of the bunker. (Love Family Photo)

Bulimba Demolition

Another one bites the dust. Built in 1943 for the U S Navy. (Love Family Collection)

Bulimba Demolition

World War II 1943 Shed Built for US Navy. (Love Family Collection)

Bulimba Shops

Banya and Henderson Street was very popular with the local workers. This was just after the 1985 hail storm. You may be able to see the divots in the gum tree from the hail. (Love family collection).

Bulimba Shops

Another demolition unfortunately. (Love Family Photo)

Bulimba Factories

PMG, Telecom was a large employer in the area. They even had their own blacksmith shop. I 1974 it got a little wet when the river was so high the rain water could not escape. (Australian.National Archives)

Bulimba Businesses.

PMG Site for the expansion of facilities.(Picture Australia photo)

Bulimba Businesses.

Another view of 1974 floods.

Buimba Businesses

PMG 1936. Farm land and billabong Q Imagery Photo

Bulimba Businesses.

1994 Golf Club and Telecom (Q Imagery)

Colmslie via Hamilton Reach

Sailing is a great pastime. The trainees were very popular for learning skills. Notice the Colmslie Flying boat base which was built during WW II. (Photo Courtesy N & H Love collection)

Cannon Hill

391 engineers Supply Depot being constructed at Cannon Hill. (Photo courtesy NARA College Park, Washington)

Luna Park Brisbane

We used to call it Cloudland. A different view as it was seen in WWII. (Courtesy of NARA College Park Washington)

Bulimba Camp A

One of the Sheds on Bulimba WWII. (Photo Courtesy NARA,College Park,Washington DC.)

Cannon Hill

1943 the construction of WW II Supply depot for 391 engineers.

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