Photo Gallery

Brisbane River

Another view of the radar patrol boat.

1944 Hospital Ship

Maetsuycher a re-flagged Dutch freighter at Dalgety's Wharf (Photo courtesy NARA, College Park)

1944 Hospital Ship

1944 the nurses from the hospital ship Maetsuycher practicing lifeboat drill.


Maj General Akin meets General Blamey, Dec 1944 at the US Signal Intelligence Bureau. (Photo courtesy US Archives, NARA, College ark)

1944 Signals

Inside a Schooner set up by the 832 Signal Corp at Bulimba. Photos Courtesy NARA, College Park.

1944 Radio Vessel.

Preparing the Geoanna with radio equipment. (Photo Courtesy NARA,College Park.

1944 Radio Vessel.

The master and radio operator aboard the "Geoanna". (Photo courtesy NARA,College Park)


Radio mast constructed by the PMG at Hemmant. Looks like the Bulimba Power Station in the background far left. (Photo courtesy NARA, College Park).

1943 Carina

Carina Hospital a little further from today's Bulimba but an important part of local history It fell into the Bulimba electorate many years ago..

1943 Carina

Another Aerial of the Carina Hospital Site (Photo courtesy NARA,College Park)

1946 Carina Hospital

Aerial view just after the war.. (Photo1946 BCC PDOnline)

1943 Hamilton Bulimba

A view from Hamilton to Bulimba School and water tower are visible. (Courtesy NARA College Park)

1944 "Lauraling"

One of the many Troop Ships arriving in Brisbane heading to Hamilton Wharf.


On the return trip to the USA some of the wives and children head to the USA.


3 Australian Brides ready to head to the USA.

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