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Bulimba Rangers (Baldwin family Collection).


A stitched photo made from two SLQ photos that had a Palm Tree in common. Shown Bulimba on both sides of the river from the gasworks on the left to Hamilton Road (Kingsford Smith Drive) near Breakfast Creek on the right

1950 s

Bulimba Rangers end of season party Bulimba School of Arts. (Baldwin Family Collection).


An event at Bulimba Memorial Park was held to commemorate the end of the war in the Pacific On the platform you will see Wayne Goss as Premier, Kevin Rudd as the member for Griffith, John Campbell the City Councillor. I believe the Army was represented by the CO from the Barracks or Northern Command. (Open to correction on that)


Soccer Premiers Bulimba State School (BDHS School Photo Collection).

1950 s

Source unknown, place Hamilton Reach when Barrier Reef Airways flew from Colmslie.


Bulimba State School Soccer (BDHS School Collection).


Postwar Photo of the Flying Boat base at Colmslie, Cairnscross Dock and the Äirstrip". I have been told depending on the wind they also landed in other parts of the river. ( BCC PDOnline photo)

1950 s

One evening one of the flying boats clipped a dredge and slowly filled with water. (Courier Mail Q 150 project photo)

1950 s

The Sandringham being readied for salvage.
The story goes that while being pulled out of the river the wire snapped and flew up the shore and hit a cow. (Photo Courtesy Courier Mail Q 150 project)

1870 s

An early Football team from 1870. Andrew Thynne (QSA Photo)

1960 s

Balmoral SHS Cadet unit. (Little Family Collection)


Another sports carnival at Balmoral SHS. (Photo courtesy Little Family Collection).

century ago

Panorama Hamilton Bulimba Reaches (Johnson Family Photo)

1960 s

Another Blue Funnel Line ship leaving. I remember it almost always rained when they were in Port. (Burchill Family Collection).

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