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Part of a photo that was shown on Facebook. It shows the US Navy built shed at the end ob Kenbury and Mc Connel Streets and much more of Bulimba. (Photo possibly from SLQ).

c 1970

Who can remember the little brick building near Mabel Street on Oxford St owned by "The Marconi Goanna Salve Co". ( Hammond Family Collection)


Another oldie from Oxford Street. I wonder if anyone has photos of the shops that used to be in Oxford Street. (Hammond Family Collection).

1950 s

Another ship heading out Certainly loved the era of ships coming up to our part of town. (Charlton Family Collection)


Bulimba Aerodrome Leura Estate, Bulimba (Johnson Family Collection).

c 1960

Another of the homes from the 1960 era (Charlton Family Collection)


Hammond Jeep Spares Oxford Street Bulimba. (Hammond Family Collection).


Alyson Campbell:-

Don and Joan Campbell outside Balmoral News and Casket on the day they retired when they sold the newsagency. 29th February 2004 after nearly 45 years of owning and operating the shop. 3 spots in Oxford Street.


Byron Shipyards Byron St Bulimba, Capricorn Star.

1930 s

Bretts Wharf, Hamilton Wall and in the Distance MPAB. (Burchill Family Collection) possibly a Courier Mail Photo.


The wharves at Hamilton as I remember them. (Burchill Family Collection) possibly another from the Courier Mail.


Spinanger and Forceful, Hamilton Reach possibly the new Bretts Wharf (Source unknown)


It was common to see the ships and the sailing vessels share the river.(Courier Mail Q150 project photo)


Another of the Shipping in Hamilton Reach. (Courier Mail Q 150 Project)

1970 plus

An overseas visitor and possibly the John Mc Master crossing back to Apollo Road. (BDHS Member photo).

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