Photo Gallery

1938 aprox

A visit from a different fleet before World War II. (From Negus Collection disk 11, (QMM)

1924 aprox

Oxford Street and the Bulimba Memorial Park. I wonder who told the heritage people that memorial parks should not have a fence. (R Coffey Collection)


Bulimba Hawthorne SLQ photo Stitched with photoshop. From Oxford St on the far right. Four houses below are in Wright Street. (Formerly first Avenue and Poomong St) This was part of Bulimba when the photo was taken. ( Both photos from SLQ).


Primitive Methodist Church, Oxford Street Bulimba (D Baldwin Family Collection)


A young Wilfred stands guard over the vege patch. Make sure you check out the background with Stuart Street and the Memorial Park? (Clegg Family Photo).


Lance Watts still winning races. In Sydney, the police had to stop spectators boarding ferries as they were overcrowded. (Bert walker clipping Burchill Family collection).

Byron Street

From War Veteran to Sailor to Fisherman. With fellow sailors Dave Lavery, Lance Watts, Johnny Thorburn and Bill Bywater at Byron Street. ( Watts Family Collection, Jenny Clark).

Late 1940s

Coorong Landing on the lower reaches of the Brisbane River. ( Watts Family Collection, Jenny Clark).


Neptune1 built as a flying boat tender by Watts and Wright. ( Watts Family Collection, J Clark).

Date unknown

Another Photo of Neptune 1. A different colour scheme on duty with the Flying Boats (Watts family collection J. Clark).


Preparing for taking off. Tea Chest signaling vessel. The river had to be checked for flotsam before takeoffs and landings. (Watts Family Collection J. Clark).


Tea Chest built by Watts and Wright as a Flying Boat Tender, built of plywood. (Watts Family Collection J. Clark).


Coorong taking off for Sydney 1937. The early days of the flying boats were spent on the lower reaches of the river with an office at Pinkenba. (Watts Family Collection. J Clark).


A wooden U S Army barge being built by Watts and Wright. (Watts Family Collection, J Clark)


Culex III, the 1950 Australian 18 Foot Skiff Class Champion. (Graveson family Collection)

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