Photo Gallery

1960s -70s

Apollo Boat Yard took over the slipway and main Shed, Harold Watts had his own shed to the right and Keith Bentley K B Welding Works. I recall a company used the old shed as a fish prawn business at one stage, Hoopers I think. Prawn trawlers used to come up and drop off Prawns and Crabs. It also had a refueling station there. (Photo cropped from another of Carlock, Aussie Ship Spotters, Facebook).




M V Bundamba built at H L Watts Boat Yard Byron Street, Bulimba. (Watts Family Collection, J Clark).


"Jane" 49 foot built for McTaggarts at Watts and Wright Boat Yard Byron Street Bulimba. (Watts Family Collection, J Clark).


The unknown boat. It is at the end of Harrison Street but in the S bend at Byron Mc Connel Streets. (Watts Family Collection, J Clark).


"Bill Nye" owned by Francis Watts. (Watts Family Collection, J Clark)

Byron Street

Preparing Trainees for a race. Shirley Watts, Harold Watts, Ray Olive, and J Lawrence. (Watts Family Collection, J Clark).


Rigging the trainees at the Watts residence, Byron Street. Tennyson St in the background. (Watts Family Collection, J Clark).


Coongoola a 74-foot vessel on the Watts and Wright Slip. (Watts Family Collection, J Clark)


Australian Championship 18ft skiffs on the Brisbane River, Jantzen Girl V alongside Maisvin and Olive R who were rafted up for the start. ( Watts Family Collection, J. Clark)


the 18-foot skiff Australian Championships off Colmslie. (Watts Family Collection, J Clark)


Hyacinth everywhere (Original Photo H Graveson family collection. Also Bulimba Library)


18-foot skiffs racing at Bulimba, Hamilton Reach. (Watts family Collection, J Clark)


SRS Reliance, The Sea Rangers were part of the Bulimba sailing culture. This was where many young ladies learned to sail. The boats were based at Byron Street. (Watts Family Collection, J Clark). We would love to hear any stories from the Sea Rangers.


A different view of Maisvin. (Watts Family Collection, J Clark).

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