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Hyacinth everywhere (Original Photo H Graveson family collection. Also Bulimba Library)


18-foot skiffs racing at Bulimba, Hamilton Reach. (Watts family Collection, J Clark)


SRS Reliance, The Sea Rangers were part of the Bulimba sailing culture. This was where many young ladies learned to sail. The boats were based at Byron Street. (Watts Family Collection, J Clark). We would love to hear any stories from the Sea Rangers.


A different view of Maisvin. (Watts Family Collection, J Clark).

45 Byron Street Bulimba.

45 Byron Street Bulimba is to the left of the large tree. Also, a boat built by Dick Watts. Many early boats may look low in the water however they were very wide spreading out the load. Ie small boat under the tree. (Watts Family Collection, J Clark).


Queens Guide Presentation Bulimba Guides Hut. Florence Watts towards centre of the photo. Bulimba Community Centre has replaced the Pritty family home. (Watts Family Collection, J Clark).




2nd Bulimba Guides Co Christmas Party. (Watts Family Collection, J Clark).


Winifred Florence Watts, Fourth row from front 4th from right. Bulimba State School. (Watts Family Collection, J Clark).

1910 1920

Bill Nye on the Hamilton Reach (Another photo found on Facebook) Appears to be the same day as the previous photo of Bill Nye owned by Francis Watts in front of the candle works, Apollo Ferry.


Venom (Miss Jan) designed by Ben Lexan (Bob Miller) A closer view of a previous photo. (Photo from s book about Ben Lexan was used in a Bulimba History Presentation by the Late Ron Walker)


Brisbane 18 Footers Club, the way it would be remembered on race day.
(Photo from a local contributor)


The site of the old 18 footers club. (Love family Photo)

unsure of date

Royal Visit HMAS Torrens and RY Britannia. (Love Family Collection)


A visit to Coolangatta and I found a couple of Bulimba boys photos. Life members at the Surf Club. (Love Family Collection).

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