Photo Gallery

Army at Bulimba Ferry #2

Loading the LCM.

Army at Bulimba Ferry #3

Departing 1964.

Centurians awaiting their ride back on the LCM

Bulimba Kids had a ball on the arrival and departure of the Centurian Tanks.

Bulimba Housing

House on a corner, Brisbane Street in the 50's

Bulimba Housing

#2 On the corner Brisbane St in the 1970's.

Bulimba Hosing

Corner of Brisbane ST #3.

Bulimba Housing

Corner Brisbane St development.

Brisbane Skyline

Brisbane from Bulimba State School around 1954 From Judy S.


The Memorial in Bulimba Memorial Park. The inscription is incorrect where it Says 1914 Robert Jamieson Esq who in 1914 made a gift.... Balmoral Shire Council records show the gift was made in 1904.

Sight Board

Bulimba Memorial Park plays a big part in the History of Australian Cricket. In the 1950 - 60's Fast bowlers were part of the local game. Sight boards in were built to allow batsmen to see the ball against the background.
The four posts are the remnants of one of the parks sight boards.

Bulimba Cricket

One of the early teams on Bulimba. Most of the players of this team were from Duke Street. Lt Col Foxton was once the President of the ACA.

Belmont tramway

Belmont tramway used to take passengers from Norman Park Station via Skyline Drive all the way to Belmont just opposite where the State School is now.

Hardcastle Park

1974 Floods, Hardcastle park the water stayed up there for 4 days. HMAS Moreton over the river. (Noel W)

Local Trains

A very common scene not so long ago. (photo from Noel W)

Belmont Tramway track #1

Full line show the track from Norman Park Railway Station to Seven Hills.
(photo BCC Archives)

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