Photo Gallery

Belmont Tramway track #2

Photo shows track from Seven Hills to May field Old Cleveland Road.
(Photo BCC Archives)

Belmont Tramway #3

Photo shows the track from Mayfield to Belmont (Photo BCC Archives)


When there was a toll on the Story Bridge (Noel W)

Sir James Holt Ferry

A ticket from the days of the Vehicular Ferry at Murrarie (Noel W)

Bulimba Ferry.

A timetable from the Hay days of Ferry and Tram rides to the city (Noel W)

Bulimba Cemetery

Bulimba Cemetery soon to become Balmoral Cemetery around 1900. (Photo by Daniel Baldwin)

Balmoral Recreational Reserve

Bulimba to Hamilton (J Bullock)

Bulimba Memorial Park

Oxford Street around 1924-5 (Photo D Baldwin.)

The Paddock

Bulimba and Kenbury St (D Baldwin photo)

Bulimba District trains

B 18 1/2 874 on the turntable at Murrarie 1964 (Noel West)

Murrarie track

Spot the place where the turntable was at Murrarie. (B C C PD Online)

School Badges

Some old school Badges. We are seeking samples of the badges. Do you have any?

Bulimba State School Badges

Past Pupils Badge

George and Mary Streets

From Oxford St (Photo possibly from Rheem Aust) The streets later became Mary (Palall) {Ferry Lane} and George (Bambil) { Hetherington Ave} .The names George and Mary were named after George and Mary Love.

Old Farm

Oxford and Love St.

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