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The Farm

From the "Love Estate" looking towards Oxford St.

The Farm

Love Estate later became Rheem Aust. (Photos from Rheem)


Ready for Building. Rheem produced Drums during WW II.


Another view of the old farm. (Rheem Aust photo)

Old Farm

Another photo from Rheem Aust.

1898 Estate map.

Some of the Estates near Bulimba Point. Original from BCC Archives edited by BDHS.

Duke Cricket Club 1911-12s

The team comprised mostly from families associated with Duke Street Bulimba. Col. Foxton the patron was previously a president Aust Cricket Assn,

Vic Green at work or was it pleasure.

Vic an old traditional Bulimba Boy. Had a passion for his work. Vic also volunteered at Balmoral SHS to pass on his skills to the Manual Arts students. This photo is of the Steering Wheel for the Kookaburra Queen II 5 ft diameter all mahogany 30-6-1988


(B Wright -[Whearat[ Collection)


9B Wright {Whearat] Collection


At Bretts Wharf date unknown.
(B Wright [Whearat] Collection

Ye old Gun

The gun was saved from the scrap heap by the Brisbane Yacht Club Members. (Photo Noel West)

Ye old gun today

Greeting the unwanted from a different direction. ( Photo NL)

Truck roll over

Wynnum Road - Bennetts Road, Caltex Servo now Hoppy's
1965 (Photo Noel West)

Signal Box

Old trains in the district (photo Noel West)

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