Photo Gallery

Loss of a Memorial tree.

Another view.

Ficus removal 24-6-2016

Only a stump remains.

Removal of Ficus


Bal Mem Pk

Joyce White Collection at the State Library

Cannon Hill

Junction (photo Noel West)

Cannon Hill

July 1967 ( Photo Noel West)

Sale yards

Cannon Hill Sale Yards (Photo Noel West)

Sale Yards

Sale Yards Cannon Hill (Photo Noel West)

Near Colmslie Road

Unusual spot for a passenger train. Fuel trains used to run on this track at Cannon Hill. (Photo Noel West)


Near the Roundabout Lytton rd Colmslie Road (Photo Noel West)

MPAB Brisbane

The workers train at Cannon Hill Abattoirs (Photo Noel West)

Crossing Lytton Road.

How many times were you caught with a train or cattle crossing Lytton Road?
(Photo Noel West)

Morningside Station

The station and Richmond Road crossing. (Photo Noel West)

The Anderson Family

Sadly we lost Michael recently. (Courier Mail story)

Morningside gates

Richmond Road - Wynnum Road Intersection. (Photo Noel West)

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