Walter Boone Henderson

Walter Boone Henderson
Regimental number: 7705 Rank: Private
Died of Wounds (DOW) 25 August 1918

Walter Boone Henderson was born in Rockdale in Sydney on 14 February 1896 to William and Elizabeth Henderson. The family moved to ‘Fernlea’ Quay Street, Bulimba and Walter attended Bulimba School.

He was a plumber and mechanic when he enlisted in Brisbane on 28 July 1917 aged 22 years.

Walter was a Private in the 15th Battalion and was sent to Sydney on a troop train. He embarked on the “HMAT Euripides” A14 which left for England on 31 October 1917. By 17 April 1918 he was engaged in action in the field in France and was transferred to the 3rd Machine Gun Battalion. On 25 August 1918 he was wounded in action (a shattered hand and compound bone fractures) dying of his wounds. He was buried in the Chalk British Cemetery and reburied in the Chipilly Communal Cemetery extension in Picardie in France.

Walter had made a will in favour of his mother, and as a member of the Independent Order of Rechabites S.U. had made an insurance policy that provided benefits to his family. In August 1919 photos of his grave were sent to his next of kin. The family received a Memorial Scroll and message from King George V, a Memorial Plaque, and his British War and Victory Medals.

The “Henderson tree” was on the right of the main entrance to Bulimba Memorial Park and was planted to remember 23 year old Walter Boone Henderson and his brother John who returned to Australia.

World War I

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