William Davis

William Davis

Regimental number: 6074 Rank: Private

Returned to Australia (RTA)

William Davis was born in 1876 in Brisbane to Brockman and Sarah Davis. In 1904, William married Ethel Thomas and they lived on School Hill, Oxford Street, Bulimba. William was a law clerk with two children when he enlisted in Brisbane on 28 August 1916.

William was assigned to the 11th Depot Battalion as a Private. He transferred to the 25th Battalion before embarking from Brisbane on the "HMAT Marathon" A74 on 27 October 1916. On the 6 February 1917 he was admitted to the Military Hospital Fargo in Salisbury, England with influenza. On 5 April 1917, he was transferred to France and on 13 May 1917, he was wounded with a gunshot wound to the face (slight) which resulted in him being admitted to a hospital in Dorset. On 15 November 1917, he was returned to the harsh winter of France and in December he was again hospitalised until 14 January 1918, this time suffering with trench fever.

William continued to serve in France until 4 July 1918 when he was wounded in action with a serious fracture to the radius of his right arm and was returned to England to recover from his wounds. He was subsequently invalided home to Australia on the 23 September 1918. He was entitled to receive the British War and Victory Medals.

During World War 2 his son, James served and his son William worked in essential services.

William Davis died in 1966 aged 90 years and is buried at Mt Thompson Crematorium.

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